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Sheroes Hangout Agra
ritu serving meal at sheroes hangout
cafe sheroes hangout
inside of cafe sheroes hangout
cafe sheroes hangout
ritu serving meal at sheroes hangout

The Sheroes here, are women who have fought to survive after receiving a debilitating blow to their appearance and self-esteem by some members of the society. These women are on the way to becoming true fighters, who have the courage to live, work and walk in the midst of the society and force the society to reevaluate its norms about beauty and appearance. Unlike any other café or a general restaurant, this one is going to be solely run by the acid attack survivors. These acid attack survivors come from various backgrounds and diverse level of competences. Being unprivileged some of them perhaps have never been to a restaurant before. To start with such a project, it is indeed essentially needed to develop such a model which can bring out productivity and also multitudes of learning for the survivor. The model has to be projected in a way that can benefit the concerned acid attack survivor to the most possible extent. Hence to transform these acid attack survivors into successfully empowered earning women makes them an individual cult of inspiration among other survivors to be seen as “Sheroes” which sounds empowering in a strong
positive connotation.



While this project has various impact, the project has a model of a café / lounge because it promotes social integration as well. People from various sects of the society may come with a purpose of having food, snacks, leisure, reading books, shopping, etc. to Sheroes Hangout but at the same time they can also acknowledge the proximity of acid attack cases in India. In the previous routine of Sheroes Hangout we have often organized events for social interaction such as debates, book launches, social awareness conferences, music sessions, etc. through which general
public can be alerted of the consequences, circumstances and aftermath of an acid attack. The model can then be treated as an activity center for people to take concerns on various social issues in our society.

A Cafe Managed by brave #AcidAttack Survivors, the cafe serves you food with a flavor of love and warmth.

Outer beauty is momentary. We have been able to move on from the anger and hurt. We feel being beautiful inside is more important. That lasts a lifetime. What will you do by just being bodily beautiful? Even the ones who threw acid at us were beautiful from outside...Right?

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This place includes a cafe which serves some lip smacking snacks, a library that has been set up through contributions ,a section for handicrafts and a boutique where one of these survivors will stitch her dreams. This cafe is a center for activism as various kinds of campaigns 

The Stop Acid Attacks campaign was flagged on 8th March 2013 which is also celebrated as International Women’s Day to stand for acid attacks survivors and against acid attacks in India. Our then concept was to work as a bridge between survivors and the society.

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