The life become miser when no one is there to support you and it become worst when your own people back stab you. The back stab which cost you life and if you left alive then it is not more than a crawling life craving for nictate of happiness. What is surprising is that it was none other than her stepmother who poured acid on Rupa while she slept in her native village in Uttar Pradesh. It is shocking to hear it from Rupa how she even removed water from around her so that she did not survive. She has been living with her uncle in Faridabad since then. It is difficult to imagine her pain when Rupa narrates how she suffered living with her stepmother after her mother's demise when she was a kid. She says she could not sense her mother could do this to her though she was living in constant fear with her. Her stepmother tried her best to kill Rupa and left her without any first aid for 6 hours until her uncle reached and moved Rupa to a nearby hospital. When the facilities at the local hospital seemed inefficient in providing any relief to the girl, her uncle got Rupa to Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, where she as admitted for the next 3

months. Rupa has, since then, undergone 7 surgeries and has spent about Rs 8-9 lakh on her treatment. It was fate and her uncle who saved Rupa from dying, but her life still remains quite a struggle in the aftermath of the horrendous acid attack. Her uncle, who owns a barber shop in Faridabad, has no hopes from the government and says it has completely neglected the survivors of acid attacks, without bothering to provide

any financial help to them. The irony remains that Rupa's stepmother who threw acid on her is now out on bail and is living with her father.


While the accused is free and happy today, Rupa is struggling to live each day. The innocent girl that she is, Rupa doesn't even know the

total expenditure on her treatment so far. Her uncle, who is now under debt after getting Rupa treated at Safdarjung, wants to send her back to her inhuman parents. Rupa does not want to go to her village, and Stop Acid Attacks campaign is with her

in this, trying to provide her vocational training so that she is able to live an independent life.

D.O.A- 02/08/2008



This place includes a cafe which serves some lip smacking snacks, a library that has been set up through contributions ,a section for handicrafts and a boutique where one of these survivors will stitch her dreams. This cafe is a center for activism as various kinds of campaigns 

The Stop Acid Attacks campaign was flagged on 8th March 2013 which is also celebrated as International Women’s Day to stand for acid attacks survivors and against acid attacks in India. Our then concept was to work as a bridge between survivors and the society.

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